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Using our software to conduct surveys is very easy! Please refer to these. Frequently asked questions about E-Survey and their answers. For any further questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]


About e-Survey
My Account/Options
Manage Surveys
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Analyzing/Generating Reports

About e-Survey

1. What is E-Survey and how does it work?
Milestone's E-survey is the most complete software for all your online guest/customer survey needs. Created with the latest .NET technology, our software is a single solution for managing feedback and relationships via the web. From simple web surveys to complex, international market research, our interactive reporting tool offers the solution that will meet your requirements. 

2. How do I obtain an account on e-survey?
You can contact Milestone Internet Marketing by email to set up an account.

My Acccount/Options

3. I have forgotten my username and password, how do I retrieve that information?
Passwords may be retrieve by selecting the "Forgot Password?" link on the homepage, or by sending an email to [email protected].

4. How do I change my account password?
Passwords may be changed by selecting the "Change Password" link on the homepage, or by sending an email to [email protected].

Manage Surveys

5. How do I create a survey?
New surveys are easy to create. All you need to do is click on the tab "Create a Survey" and follow the prompts on the page.

6. How do I customize the look & feel of the survey?
After creating your survey and adding it, click "View/Edit Survey" to get to the page titled "Design Survey." There you have all the options you need for customizing the look and feel of the survey.

7. How do I publish my Survey?
There are three options for publishing your surveys: spreadsheet format; HTML format; or DOC format. You may select your choice of options in "Export Results" under the heading "Reports".

8. Can I edit my survey once it has been published?
Yes All surveys may be edited by selecting "View/Edit Survey" on the page "My Surveys".

9. How do I delete a survey that has been closed?
Surveys may be deleted by following the "Delete Survey" prompt on the page "My Surveys".

10. How do I delete a particular member/respondents record?
Individual responses may be deleted at any time by selecting "Delete Survey".

11. How do I generate the link (URL) for the survey i've created?
Go to the page "My Surveys". Select the survey you created, Click on "Survey Options" and select "Create Link".

Email Management

12. How do I view my member records?
Member records can be viewed by selecting "View Members" on the page "Email Management".

13. How can I import a different list to my account?
To import a list to any account, click on the "Email Management" link. Add a new list by name and click on the import button to upload a list to the account.

14. How can I send a message to my list members?
To send a message to the list members, click on the "Email Management" tab, select the targeted group from the dropdown and click on "Send Message".

15. How can the email message with the survey link be customized?
Survey email messages can be customized by choosing "Send Message" and selecting recipients, then using the text editor under the heading "Create Email Message".

16. How do I export the entire address book list to my computer?
To export a list to any account, click on the "Email Management" link. Select the list in the dropdown and click on the export button to download a list to your desktop.

Analyzing/Generating Reports

17. How can I view a summary report of my surveys?
Reports can be generated by clicking on the "Reports" link and then clicking on the indiviual survey for detailed reports.

18. Can I view individual responses for each survey?
Indiviual respondents can be viwed by selecting the survey and clicking on the button "View Detail".

19. Can I filter the responses based on questions?
To filter responses based on questions, click on the reports tab and select indiviual survey. Once you see the report pie chart and graphs, select question from the dropdown list to filter reports based on questions.

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